My husband has amazingly unique hair. You see he is white... With no African or any other black descent whatsoever.... Yet his hair is freakin Curly... Like it must be 4b or 4c. The other day at work he was serving and African American fellow, and the guy stops mid-sentence, looks at hubby's hair in surprise, smiles and goes "hey! You've got hair like a brother!" Hahaha. His parents don't have curls.... Nor anyone down the line that we know. Odd throwback I guess..

Anyways his hair doesn't feel like hair. It feel like... Wool... Like a lamb but not soft. It just feels like its not hair. It's insanely dry and it's soooo curly... If he lets it grow any longer than about 8cm, it begins to curl into itself and form dreadlocks. Perfect ones. He has grown natural dreadlocks before... Got them to about mid-back length... But they started to get too heavy and it pulled on his scalp which gave him dandruff and a sore scalp so he cut them all off and started again.

He now has a mini-afro. All he has to do is use his fingers, or an afro comb and it sticks out heaps haha. Like a fuzzy halo. I adore his hair, but I think it needs some TLC.

Judging by what I've said... What is the best option to give his hair a full on moisture hit? He currently washes (sulfate free shampoo) and then leaves a boatload of good quality conditioner in his hair every 3 days. He uses no product except the occasional use of curly girl friendly gel for special occasions. Tonight I put coconut oil in his hair. My hair is only 3A, and I can only put a tiny bit of coconut oil in, like a teaspoon to a tablespoon and my hair looks oily and wet (until my hair eats it overnight) but I had used a large handful in his hair (it's only about 8-10cm long at its longest point on the top, without pulling.) and it looked like i hadn't put anything in there. Looked like he has a few measily raindrops in his hair.....

So hmmm. What to use? No too expensive we are on a strict budget .
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Giovanni products (50/50, Tea Tree Conditioner, Smooth As Silk, Direct Leave In is my favorite). Giovanni's Brazillian line is good also. After he washes and conditions, maybe a curl cream or paste or something to define (I know guys can be all macho about their hair products so I'm not very familiar with guy products). I know that Target has some that are specifically for men or more masculine. Maybe a liquid gel or even mousse?? Giovanni has mousse in their line up too as well as Shea Moisture.