Coconut oil can often make protein overload worse. I think if your giving your hair a rest from protein you should consider cutting out anything with coconut oil. Use only a moisturizing condish to cowash, deep condition and leave-in. Something like Sally's GVP or Tressemme Naturals Moisturizing.

Hang in there and try to keep things simple!
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Oh no! Just about all of my products contain coconut oil. Could you link the specific Tresseme Naturals conditioner you're talking about please? I would like to research it more. I hear a lot about it!
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This is the Tresemme: Natural Nourishing Conditioner | TRESemmé

This is the Sally's: Generic Value Products - GVP Conditioning Balm: Compare to Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm

Yeah, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news re: coconut oil at the moment. I think coconut oil is great, but your hair needs a break – and you need a basic routine so that you can troubleshoot what might be going on. Maybe your hair is protein-sensitive, or maybe it's just over-proteined just right now but will love more protein later. Curly hair is such a journey!
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