Except that's not at all the way it's gone done, but ok.

For example, the knee-jerk closing of a thread that was about sex, then the subsequent back-tracking. The knee-jerk banning of golden curly and others, as well. The sudden, "no etsy links in signatures!" even though there are plenty of etsy links that are still alive and well in the knitting thread.

No one is trying to say that the mods shouldn't enforce the rules. People are trying to say that the lack of inconsistent moderation, coupled with knee-jerk bannings and thread-closings, is a problem that has killed the community.

But since you've been here for 4 months, you probably know better than the rest of us.
Originally Posted by Laura Lee
Lol, that sentence was really catty. This goes back to why would anyone want to tolerate ridiculous cattiness here when they get enough of it in their real lives.

You don't know if I've been here 4 months or longer, nor do you know if
I've been lurking or have multiple accounts, so take that cattiness somewhere else.

I'm just looking at the situation from a different angle and looking at all possibilities. I'd appreciate it if we could all act like the adults we are and not 15 year olds please?

Anyways, the point you made about the sex topic being locked was a good one. And yes the banning of GoldenCurly was sad, but life is unfair things happen and people move on. Just like how people move on from nc.com.

I love nc.com and don't plan on leaving it anytime soon. Why don't we all make the best of each other's company and keep the boards as alive as we can?
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