I hate when they change ingredients! Weird story but it happened with my cat, they changed the packaging of her food and claimed they didn't change the formula but she wouldn't eat it so obviously they did!

Yeah I'm totally not dying my hair anymore. I have highlights and they're over processed so my hairs kinda funky now.
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It's awesome being a cat slave tho!

I'm never quitting dying, want to be a crazy old lady with pink hair, but I have switched to a far gentler method and grown out the worst of the damage over the last two years. Kinda similar to your highlights even tho I full head. I don't think the initial lifting of the roots was causing me much of an issue, it was 'refreshing' the lengths every six to eight weeks that caused the worst of the chemical damage.

Great hair in that photo, looks healthy and defined!
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Yeah hahaha.

I was actually considering doing semi permanent color from a box. My best curls were after I dyed my hair semi permanent color I really can't decide though cuz I don't want my hair to get worse
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