I'm sure the natural community has always existed and probably never noticed until I became natural. I'm nearing my 3 years natural mark in 4 months, it seems like there are so many products and companies popping up catering to natural hair. I can see how easily one can get caught up in the hoopla of things. For someone like me that does have price restrictions, I'm happy that companies that at one point were strictly all about relaxers are now expanding their product lines. Don't get me wrong I would like to try some of the products I've heard so much about but now it's not that time. My biggest investment since I've been natural has been purchasing the Kinky Curly Curling Custard when I big chopped, which I haven't repurchased because I'm looking for alternatives. Now being the PJ on budget I've opted to explore some of the drugstore brands which has not been so bad of course there were a few duds in the bunch but that's fine.

I know I'm not the only PJ on a budget. I want to get some feedback from my 3b/3c naturals as well as the other curlies. What are some of the drugstore brands that you have tried?