Two other things you could try, regular protein (as much as ur hair can handle) and sealing your ends.
I have noticed that once my hair passes shoulder/armpit length I have to do more to keep my ends in check.. Being gentle is a given, but thats not the only culprit.. now I have to go in and do extra to my ends (last 3 inches or so) because my regular routine will have majority of my hair feeling great and my ends lackluster.
So basically, if you feel your regimen is solid.. pay extra attention to the ends. Whatever you do to your hair do more to them, if you dont seal your length seal the ends, if you seal with oil seal the ends with butter etc etc. Makes a major difference for me esp since my hair is fine & tends to be more fragile even at its healthiest.

& know a lot of people cowash solely, but generally its done more often. I think adthomas was trying to precaution you that going 2 weeks in a protective style then only cowashing might not be enough to rid your scalp of the buildup. Cowashing is good for moisture, buuuut buildup can stunt growth and cause breakage.

& if you need a trim, do that first! Maintenance from that fresh start is easier than nursing dead ends.
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My routine isn't solid because I haven't found my holy grail products yet.
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I can understand where you coming from. I've been natural for almost 3 years and I haven't really come up with a solid routine. My hair is progressing so obviously I'm doing something right. The thing that I have decided to do is go back to doing the things I did when I big chopped. Those things were basically co-washing my hair at least twice a week at minimal and just staying basic products. As far as growth I don't really have a set length, I just want to see how long I can grow it.
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Now I just want it to grow this year. Of it grows past my shoulders then I will be so happy. I'm kinda excited because I.feel some major growth in the front of my hair and a little in the back.