My routine isn't solid because I haven't found my holy grail products yet.
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a solid routine/regimen isnt wholly dependent upon products, I say that because though ive found my HGs.. i can completely switch what im using and still get good results because my regimen is solid and I know what to do to my hair and when. 90% of the products im using now I have tried in the past, and did not like them as much as I do now. I gave away or sold them because I wasnt using them the best way for my hair (something so simple as applying leave in on soaking wet hair instead of damp). Perfect your regimen first and then worry about products. What you use matters true, but how you use it and how you handle your hair is more important. Which is why some people are able to use what i would consider "crap" and still have healthy hair.

youre doing something right because youve managed to keep hair on your head for this long lol, just pay close attention to whats missing.
Protective styling is good to preserve length but you also want to learn how to care for & grow your hair as is so you wont have to rely on ps-ing. I cant even tell you how many people ive seen grow their hair mid back/waist length with braids or weaves and wore their hair out for a cpl months and it ALL broke right back off!