1. With oily scalp and working out everyday how often should I be washing my hair? I usually wash everyday or every other day.
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It's very possible that your scalp is oily because of the sulfate shampoos you've been using. I think my scalp has become less oily since I started cowashing. You should give cowashing a try, but remember that you'll have to stick to it for several weeks. Some report their hair acts up a lot in the beginning (while it's getting used to the new treatment) before it calms down, so you may have to stick it out through that phase. Then again, it may not happen to you. My hair/scalp got instantly better once I switched to cowashing. I never had any weird phase to go through. And since discovering CG my hair is no longer dry!!!!! It's amazing. I thought "dry hair" was a trait, like having brown hair, but apparently it's not.

If you're afraid about going straight to co-washing, then I would suggest switching first to a low-poo.... SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo is arguably the most popular low-poo. It's supposed to be very gentle. Another thing you can do to increase moisture is to add oil to your shampoo. I add extra virgin coconut oil 50:50 to shampoo and love it!

After your hair and scalp have gotten used to gentler cleansers for a while you can try co-washing. It's not for everyone, but it may work for you. I would highly recommend getting the Curly Girl Handbook which explains cowashing more in depth. Of course, if you're CG, no silicones! Very important! Otherwise silicones will build up in your hair as they will not be washed away by cowashing!

2. I don't wrap my hair I pretty much lay on my curls so how do you get the bounce back the next day if you don't wash your hair and what products are used in this case?
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The pineappling method works for some (putting hair up in a very loose scrunchie so it looks like a pineapple on your head). Other curlies refresh by spraying water on their curls and then scrunching or finger combing/twirling. Some add some more gel or leave-in then. Others will dilute their gel or leave-in in their spray water bottle.

3. I came across a thread on this forum that said a protein treatment is good to do, how often should this be done?
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When staring the CG method, it is very likely that your hair will need both moisture and protein. It is really important to maintain protein/moisture balance, and this will be different for everyone. I would recommend using the search function to search and read more detailed articles and threads about it. Basically protein (this can be keratin, soy, wheat, silk, egg, etc.) adds structure, like cement in a building, while moisture (emollients, oil) add flexibility or bendability. In balanced protein/moisture states, your hair will be the strongest (and often the curliest). If you have too much protein, your hair will feel dry and strawlike and lose curl. If you have too much moisture, your hair will feel mushy, soft and limp and often your curls will droop.

Since you're starting out, you'll probably find your hair needs both. Some easy DTs (deep moisture treatments) that you can do are with coconut oil, or olive oil, or olive/oil honey. Some easy PTs (protein treatments) would be egg treatment (eggs mixed w/ a little olive oil or mayo) and IAgirl's gelatin recipe. Of course you can buy protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments, but these examples may be in your pantry and are cheap. This site has tons of recipes for PT's and DT's (and gel!) galore so you won't be deprived!

You can start incorporating both PTs and DTs, until you feel you have a balance. There's no one way to do it. Some curlies LOVE protein, and use rinse out conditioners and styling products w/ protein and do regular PTs (maybe even weekly). Other curlies are protein sensitive, and must avoid protein in styling products and conditioners. They may only need to do a PT once a month, or even less. I can't tell you what your hair will need... but listen to it and you'll figure out the balance.

4. I've seen where its suggested to seal the hair after using a leave in conditioner with aloe Vera or some sort of oil, is this something I should be doing? oils make my hair even oiler.
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Many curlies find that layering products is best. So a leave-in conditioner or curl cream is followed by a gel and then sealed with an oil. Some seal after the leave-in/curl cream and then add gel. Really the sky's the limit. Some do leave-in conditioner only styling. Others mix gels, or add a harder hold gel on top of a softer hold gel base.

You get the idea, you have to do what's best for you! Generally a sealer is an oil. I don't think aloe vera gel is a sealer. Silicones are also a sealer, but if you're cowashing you can't use those.

If oils don't agree w/ your hair (and I believe curlies w/ low porosity often have issues w/ oil) then don't use them, or look for lighter oils like almond or apricot kernel oil. I'm not low-porosity though and not the best-advice giver on this issue... you should ask this question in the low-porosity section or look around the site for curlies with low porosity and see what they're doing. Also, you may not need to seal.

5. Since my hair is low porosity how often should I do some porosity care?
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I'm not sure what you mean by porosity care. Like protein treatments? All hair gets the same kind of care, it's just that you may need different products and different amounts of say protein to get your hair to look its best.