I went and straightened my hair over the weekend, thinking it would be fun to have a change. But I miss my curls, I feel naked without them and in some strange way boring and not like myself. I live in Miami, and young ladies with long, straight dark hair are a dime a dozen. I felt like I was blending into the scenery with my straight hair. Just like other posters, I never oogle flat ironed hair... it looks so thin and sad to me if done improperly, especially with ratty ends. But with all things, it all boils down to one's opinion and mine is, do whatever makes you happy with your hair
2C-3A MBL layered
Medium/fine texture, high density, normal porosity and elasticity. Dry climate.

Cleanse: SM MR, YTC
Hydrate: Joico Kpak,DevaCurl OC
Style: AG reCoil, LALSG