I'm not part of a clique
I don't call names
I don't post inflammatory comments
When asked, I change anything that the mods ask of me
I took my concerns to the Mods via PM
Whether, I liked it or not, I agreed with the mods decision.
I wasn't pushing any rules

and... I was banned.

Since it didn't happen to you, it's easy to say that what happened to GoldenCurly was merely "unfortunate". I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to post here, but please know that there is more to the story than what you know.

If I had been pushing the rules and behaving badly, ok. But that's not what happened and that is not what we are talking about at. No one is suggesting that the mods let us run wild. We just want rules that are clear and enforced consistently.

For me, things took a turn with the "Thug" comment. With this latest turn of events, well the board will never be the same again. I appreciate those who left when GC and I were banned. That fact that so many took a stand is part of the reason why I come here. I've made friends here. Real friends. In person and online. And I'm sure that there are people here who could care less or don't have an opinion about me who have also left or are a part of the other board(s). This isn't about cliques or drama. As the title suggests, this is about missing the way things used to be.

Since I am posting this in feedback, I am posting this complaint within the allowances of the rules.