hi everybody, I have just discovered naturallycurly.
I'm going to start off with a backstory.

I always washed my waves with a regular sulfate shampoo, and a conditioner for dry hair. My hair was always manageable. I started to grow my hair past mid - length and it started to frizz. I began using almond oil to controll the frizz. I am now a year later and my waves are pretty long. But now my hair is so dry and frizzy, I don't know what happened. I started using a sulfate free shampoo ( tigi bed head styleshots hi - def curls ) and I use a conditioner ( L'oreal elseve for curly/wavy hair ) I sometimes use tigi bed head foxy curls and I still use the almond oil. I have never used any heat.

My waves are now really dry, I can only wear it in a bun but I really liked wearing my hair down.

I tried coconut oil, egg's, shea butter, biosilk, gliss kur hair repail oil nutritive wonder serum spray (only worked on the top of my head, the rest was still very dry) and nothing worked

I have high porosity hair (I think), type 2b, 2c. I sleep with my hair in a bun on top of my head and I wash it every 3 days.

Can someone please help me, I don't want to cut my hair short again

(sorry for my english, I'm from Belgium)