So wait ... what did I miss? Why is there a mass exodus on

Needless to say I'm not going anywhere! I don't visit every day and only post sporadically, but this site will always have a special place in my heart ... and, like Arnie the Governator, I'll always "be back."
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There was no real drama. Just the usual anti-board sentiment and complaints, a little bit of clique-snark, and some regrouping on other forums formed by members on FB. You may receive an invite if you haven't already. I think most board members are posting over there.

I am anti Facebook and though it has its ups and downs I'm pro So I try to wait out the drama.
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It was way more that than for myself (and perhaps GoldenCurly). What happened for very real for me
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My 'no real drama' statement is being completely misread, so let me clarify to say - in the past a creation of new boards and a mass exodus has been caused by a specific thread, or couple of threads, that involved a lot of arguments and anger towards other board members and/or moderators. Generally they've been multiple page threads that blow up on a topic and cause people to reach their breaking point.

In this case the issue being inconsistent moderation has been an ongoing complaint, therefore wasn't specifically tied to such a blow up.

If it WAS tied to the temporary banning of specific members (which was over 3 weeks ago so I didn't realize there was a connection) then it seems to be that there was a specific reason, I just didn't know about it and I didn't make the connection. So when I said 'real drama' I wasn't implying that there was no existing reason, or that the drama (or reason) was fake. I was using 'real' to mean 'specific' since the complaint of moderation has been an ongoing one, and I assumed that was the reason for a newly created board. Or so thats what I was told. Maybe I should have put 2 and 2 together but I'm kind of dealing with a lot lately and my brain isnt always running on all cylinders.
Either way, I come here not with the intent on offending or arguing with people, and in fact, in most cases I may not check in for a couple of days to avoid that, but I seem to be constantly misread and misinterpreted. I try to clarify and apologize if I've been misunderstood bc honestly I'm not lying or making stuff up. Why would I come back and lie to explain myself or apologize? I people with bad intentions don't swallow their pride and apologize. I've been here for 9 years. I cant imagine lasting around here for 9 years if I constantly had bad intentions.

I realize the fact that there is no tone of voice here causes confusion. And I think lately my tone of voice is assumed to be rude and b1tchy by some people. Thats unfortunate. And pretty far from the truth. But there's really nothing I can do about that. If I apologize and I'm met with sarcasm of people was who basically tell me they don't care or dont believe me. Thats sad. There's nothing I can do about that either.