5 years old, wow

Anyway, when I was transitioning I used the olive oil organic line but I heard from friends that it makes their hair dry, so it might not work for you. I would put my hair in rollers at the very first 6 months till 1 year of my transitioning and after that I started wearing it curly. I would most of the time have it comb curly (curl the looser strand with a comb or your finger) and it would be really bouncing, especially if I would loosen it the next day or after. In addition, I would wear it in a bun very much. I used the products motion, it had a lot of moisture, but I don't think it is 100% natural.

What I would recommend now is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment line from Organix, natural products and very nurturing.

Also I was very impatient and start disliking my relaxed hair more and more, so I did a lot of chops and very big too, but I totally understand if you would be uncomfortable with very short hair