One technique you may want to experiment with that I have had some luck with to get bouncier more defined curls is to defuse through a plop. I get the benefits of my curls drying in the "scrunch" position like with regular defusing but without direct heat and without frizz.

Also i've found my clumping is highly effected by how i finish my shower routine. After co-washing and detangling, i rinse the conditioner from my hair with cold cold water (with my hair tossed forward) then i add my leave-in (which is the same that i detangle with - but only a tiny amount) and then give my hair one shot of cold water again to spread the product - but I DO NOT TOUCH THE HAIR AT ALL. I apply gel to still very wet hair and put it directly into a plop. Once the cold water rinse starts I NEVER put my fingers or comb into the hair, this helps it to not break up the clumps.

Try it out, hope it works for you!
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Thank you! I'm definitely going to try this!
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