While I was in London, I had great hair. Good hair day after good hair day. I've been trying to reconstruct that but haven't been successful. Not even once. This morning, I realised that perhaps it had to do with the gelatine PT I tried... I'm just not sure if that's possible, date-wise.

2 April: Gelatin PT (followed by a rinse-out with only the smallest amount possible).
6 April: Low-poo wash, no conditioner.
12 April: Off to London.
14 April: Low-poo wash, no conditioner.
16 April: Returning home.
17 April: Low-poo wash in the evening (I never wash it in the evening because it takes forever to dry) because it felt all gunky and odd.

I'm not sure but I think I've read that some people only noticed the results of the gelatine PT after another wash. Could this have been the case with me as well?
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