Hi Kim!
I'm from Belgium as well (living in Flanders, dutchspeaking in case you ever feel like you want to pm me or so, I speak french as well)!
There are a couple of things I really started to like...
I really really like Ultra Doux conditioner with avocado oil and karité butter (shea), available at Kruidvat and probably a lot of other stores as well.
Something else I really love: Yes to Cucumbers (made in...USA), available at Essenza.
And my sulfate free shampoo that is helping me to battle dry hair: Rainforest Radiance shampoo from the Bodyshop.
As a mousse I use Taft mousse for curls (a pink bottle) available at Kruidvat or sometimes I use a Fructis gel with bamboo extract (again: Kruidvat).

I had a really rough time with dry hair 2 weeks ago, but it's getting better again...(better since I started using the radiance shampoo once or twice a week)

I am sooo happy to see another Belgian curly on NC ^^ (although I already know one)