Wow!! Thanks everyone for the different tips and methods... I wonder how many hubby will let me experiment on him!

Adthomas: hahahaha you cracked me up. Chock in milk lollll. My hubby is a mix-breed lolll but European descent. German and Dutch. Both of who are profoundly "white". We were once told that there may have been random tribes in German mountains yrs and yrs ago.... Hmmm. To answer your question, Native Aussies (aboriginals) were treated horrifically back when Australia first colonized. It is a shameful story. Since then though I believe they have been more than compensated (as much as possible). Now they get extremely generous government handouts and everything handed to them on a silver platter, and also received a national apology from our prime minister (president). It is a shame things have turned out the way they have. Unfortunately many of them are dole bludgers who have been injected with a hate for whites for what our ancestors did to them. I believe the next generation should take the opportunity to make peace between each other and to make the most of the future they have been given. Some of them are doing so and it's inspirational. Us young folk shouldn't be fighting our great great grandparents war. It's over. Keep it that way. Lolll not really a hair topic I know.

Chupie: our daughter has amazing 3c curls! Our son doesn't have much hair yet but I can see a twirl or two in there, I think he may have my hair :-)
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It's the same way as to why blacks don't like white people that much in America. You try to suppress all the pain that you caused years ago and then you still don't treat us as equally. It doesn't matter if it happened 500 years ago nothing can compensate for the pain.