I am on day 6 of using the CM Method. I have 2B/C curls, medium length coarse/medium hair.

For years I wore my hair with it's natural curls and waves, but since I've always been a no-fuss kinda girl, I never really used any styling products at all. I washed my hair once or twice a week and used watered down conditioner to tame frizz and scrunch my curls. That is it, never used a defuser, never used gel, nothing. The most i ever really fussed with was that I had short Bettie Page style bangs that I flat ironed everyday.

About 6 moths ago, I decided to grow my bangs out and in the time, i have been flat ironing nearly EVERY day just cause I couldn't stand how my inbetween length bangs looked curly and straightening them when they came down past my eyes looked weird with the curly hair.

After 6 months of flat ironing, my hair is a wreck! I was trimming the ends about every 3 weeks, but they still felt like hay. It's breaking a lot of is just dry and frizzy and awful.

SO... my bangs are long enough now to sweep off my forehead completely and they curl in this cute swoop, so I'm going BACK to my curls, but I thought going CM might help me to repair some of the damage i've done and get the most out of my curls!

I'm still staying pretty simple. Using Suave Naturals for Co-Wash and to detangle, using L.A. Looks Gel and am SO SURPRISED at what a difference it makes with bringing out the shape of my curls.

I got the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque when it was on sale last week at Walgreens and it make my hair so soft and silky and shiny!

I have VERY dry skin naturally, which I think is what has kept me from having the oily scalp i've heard a lot of newbie CG'ers complain of during the beginning. But I am noticing that my hair feels silkier, when i run my fingers down a curl it moves with more ease than it was last week. I'm starting to wonder if this is just how hair with PRODUCT feels (remember i NEVER used product before) or if this is just how truly moisturized hair feels....

Any others here who are more product shy, like me?

...oh and thanks to all of you, lurking through these boards has taught me a lot!
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