I hate males.
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you know what....

this isn't the way to go.

we're all, at the very least, daughters of a man.

my father was a good, kind, decent man and my mother is the one that treated him badly.

i have a wonderful brother-in-law who has been married to my step-sister for over 40 years. he has raised an amazing son who has been in the same relationship for 10 years.

my male cousins and uncles are all, uniformly, amazing men.

sure, i've been hurt, by men - not just in my personal life, but in my professional life. but i've had women friends that turned out to be anything but and female bosses that were even worse than the worst guy.

individual PEOPLE can be bad - but this gender-bashing isn't helping either side in the battle of the sexes.

and i'm sick of seeing it here on NC.

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See...I kinda disagree. I think, as a whole, men are oppressive to women. Our society is paternalistic and women are still second-class in uncountable ways. Individual men can be both good and bad (just as women can be). I happen to adore the men I own, and also many of the ones I call friends and family, but, other than those few select individuals, I don't have a whole lot of love for the societal group known as "men".

I think that's always been the age-old problem. Men in total are against us, but our individual men aren't necessarily against us.