Dew point wash day: 68
Dew point next day: 68
Interesting weather?: rainy

Cowash/Lowpoo: Burt's bees volume co, feels heavier this time but I put oil and JC N&S on this am to combat frizz and comb-out volume
Leave-in: SS PT + few drops grapeseed oil

Styling Technique: plopped with one dryer blast, pixie diffused, no upside down

First Impressions: got some funky waves and lots of volume verging on poof, put in my hairnet and diffused thru it some to dry more without poof/frizz, feels ber soft.

Next day results: frizzy, rough, unhappy

New things to try:
2A / F / MD / LP / ?E / BSL --- CG since Dec. 2012

This is what I'm happiest with right now.
Co-wash: CJ DailyFix
Lo-poo: DermOrganic low-poo
RO: SS Caitlin's co
Leave-in: SheScentIt Okra Repair condish
PT: SS Caitlin's + SS PT
Stylers: Volumax Mega Gel, Max Green Styling Gel, DermOrganics Spray Gel
Techniques: Plopping & Pixie Diffusing.
glycerin, honey, oils & butters Protein!

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