I wasnt 100% serious about hating males. Not all males anyway.

MEN are important imo, not male. MEN teaches boys how to be MEN and teach girls how MEN should treat them when they become women. My grandpa, uncles, and my dad taught me what MEN were. But even they still have male traits. They understand nothing about women. They respect women, but still don't get the ish we go through everyday.

Males just dont get it. and this is what makes me pissed off with them. my dad calls me bossy and says I am not ladylike all the time. why? because i dont sugar coat things and if i want things done i get things done.I can be aggressive when i have to be. i learned this from my mom, as looney toon as she is, she taught me to be "more like a boy".

I have encountered lots of males who think I am a mean ******, just because i disagree or dont laugh at their corny jokes. If i was male I wouldn't be called anything, just a typical man. Because men can be honest and truthful and state their opinion without being called out. while us ladies cant do nothing about nothing.