are you CG? What are your properties? Dew points?

I've had some good luck with conditioner (leave-in) only styling. It gives me that soft look you're talking about. The waves/curls haven't been as even or tight as with other products, but the feel of the hair is great and it's much lower maintenance. It was the Alba Botanica leave-in.

Haven't tried any mousse.
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I'm actually new here..i've heard about cg, but not 'that' familiar. I researched and started following the cg method just this week. The no-poo ( actually i'm planning to use a sulfate-free shampoo or maybe an organic one twice a week) & also i don't comb to keep my curls in place, i just comb my hair while applying conditioner. But it's still frizzy so im planning to use a hair mousse..

How do i join cg?
2a/b. low porosity, medium density, medium hair width, long hair length

soft water, tropical climate, frizz, non-layered hairstyle

For now, i use loreal conditioner