If you're looking for something less chemical-y, you might try Giovanni Air Tubo Mousse. I find it at my local Target and I think my local Walgreens store carries it too. The ingredients are awesome and CG-friendly (so even if you decide to go no-poo you could still use it). Unfortunately it doesn't have enough hold for my 2c curls and if I apply enough to get good hold it's too sticky, but for someone with fine hair or less wild waves it might work well.

You might also want to check your local Target for Shea Moisture mousse. It isn't available in my area yet but I adore the Curl Souffle so much that even though mousse doesn't usually work for me I'm planning to try it anyway if it becomes available here.

Both Giovanni and Shea Moisture are affordable, all natural, and pretty easily accessible. Side note: both of these brands also make shampoos that are considered low-poos. My personal favorite from Shea Moisture is the Coconut Hibiscus shampoo. Smells amazing and so moisturizing! I just picked up the Giovanni 50:50 shampoo to give it a try. The SM is so nourishing that I generally reserve it for the colder months and am still looking for a good replacement for summer
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