I have all sorts of issues with this article.

1. It places a great deal of value on those who are in charge. I say not true. There is as much value as being a supporter/follower as there is a leader and there's no shame in someone who is great at supporting people who have natural leadership skills. A leader is nothing without those who are following them. IMO there's not enough emphasis on good followship skills, and how to properly recognize and reward those in that role.
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This is true but at the end of the day leaders are the primary/end decision makers and minorities and women need more representation.

5. The article places the blame, and the solutions with individuals - specifically the girls.
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I didn't see this at all. Like you said, society does have to change, but it has to start with women/girls. If women don't accept women being assertive, it'll be harder for men to do so. I think it's important for girls to know what's important and what's not(approval for being 'ladylike').