Except, no. Not all men are aggressive (and I know plenty of passive-aggressive males) in conflicts. It's just when they are it's seen as a manly/male trait

And plenty of women are aggressive in conflicts it's just when they are they're seen as b*tches or hysterical.

The whole women and males are WIRED differently grinds my gears. Behavior is learned and encouraged. And it's less that people are raising girls to be passive-aggressive, it's just taught as a feminine trait. So when a little girl is aggressive and upfront in conflicts and other areas of her life she becomes a "tomboy"

I think it's an accepted thing that women should be less than men even if it isn't explicitly stated.

Fortunately my dad (who is NOT a male, but a man) nipped those ideas in the bud when the 4 of us were little. When we went golfing (for one example) and I asked why the women's tee was so far ahead (and the men's and pro's tee were only separated by a few steps), my dad was like "I don't know and I don't care. You don't need 500 feet for a fair game because you're a girl. Being a girl isn't a handicap."

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