Except, no. Not all men are aggressive (and I know plenty of passive-aggressive males) in conflicts. It's just when they are it's seen as a manly/male trait

And plenty of women are aggressive in conflicts it's just when they are they're seen as b*tches or hysterical.

The whole women and males are WIRED differently grinds my gears. Behavior is learned and encouraged. And it's less that people are raising girls to be passive-aggressive, it's just taught as a feminine trait. So when a little girl is aggressive and upfront in conflicts and other areas of her life she becomes a "tomboy"

I think it's an accepted thing that women should be less than men even if it isn't explicitly stated.

Fortunately my dad (who is NOT a male, but a man) nipped those ideas in the bud when the 4 of us were little. When we went golfing (for one example) and I asked why the women's tee was so far ahead (and the men's and pro's tee were only separated by a few steps), my dad was like "I don't know and I don't care. You don't need 500 feet for a fair game because you're a girl. Being a girl isn't a handicap."

Sugar, spice, and everything nice versus bugs, snails, and puppy dog tails needs to meet the true death.

(i can't stop murrr)
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I didn't say all men are aggressive. I said IN GENERAL female ppl aren't as aggressive as male ppl. If you don't see evidence of that since the beginning time in almost every species of animal and in many facets of human life, then we are obviously living in two separate universes.

Compensating for physical disparities in sports is a bit of a separate issue IMO. If the sport is being played by young kids, it's probably not necessary. But if it's being played by adults, it could be. Co-rec sports are uncommon after a certain age bc of this and the fact that men do become physically stronger than women.

Personally, IDK anyone who still parents by the old adage "sugar and spice..." I haven't heard of kids being raised that way since the 50s. Again, must be that alternate universe. LOL

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