going to wake this board up!
I'm going to the hair dresser tomorrow to get a new layered cut. Do we, wavies need a lot of layers? and do they have to be long or short? I want to keep my total length as longest layer and that is like 2 inches past shoulderlength when dry (almost brastraplength when wet)

Anyway: here's my transformation
The first picture was taken a year ago or so, when I still flat ironed my hair. I had flat ironed it like an hour before the picture or so.
The next picture was taken 2 weeks after I had stopped flat ironing, before CG on march 8th.
The 2 pictures were taken on march 22nd and march 23rd (2nd and 3rd day hair) and I still consider those my best hairdays ever. Now due to overproteining it is drier again (but I'm fixing that as I speak) and it has gotten back to somewhere between march 8th and march 22nd.
I would love love love to get it back to march 22nd (which was AWESOME) hair and hope to do that with a trim (at that time my hair was cut 4 weeks before or so, now it has been 10 weeks, so I need a trim)
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