I had very similar surgeries on my eyes when I was young, starting at 6 months. My last was at the age of four, though. That one was to tighten muscles in the left eye so it follows my right eye (to prevent lazy eye as my left eye was now completely useless) and to strengthen.

I can’t say from experience as a parent, but I do know that my parents didn’t show worry (or at least my mom didn’t—I remember her most), but my grandma was a mess. I don’t remember being afraid even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. My parents and doctors did stress that this could only help me so I was pretty chill. This happened right before Christmas, so the only bummer was wearing an eye patch on my right eye 24/7 during Christmas so I couldn’t see anything or any presents. The pictures of me on a couch are kinda pathetic haha.

I think you’re doing great right now, actually, by keeping him informed and trying to remain calm. Idk the night before surgery my parents kept me up so I’d be more tired than anything before I went in. Too tired to freak out. Also, idk if he has a stuffed animal or anything he sleeps with for comfort, but I did have my booboo with me.

I’ll be thinking of y’all though! Eye surgery is disconcerting.
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