I also love the CJ Curl Rehab during the summer. My hair craves moisture year round, but I live in a fairly wet climate so I really need extra moisture in the summer. I also found that I can use KCCC mixed 50/50 with Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic moisturizing jelly. It's one of my new HG's! I do still use a moisturizing leave in underneath though. I also do fine with products that have coconut in them, but not coconut oil by itself. My hair likes Keratin the best and it hates wheat protein completely. I love the Curly Kinks products, but my hair reacted to the glycerin. If you can still tolerate the DC in that line, you will probably like the other products she has available. I really like Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk. With my lo po fine hair I have to use it sparingly because it is fairly oil heavy. I can't remember if I posted before that once I figured out that glycerin was a no-no, I could start adding a little of the weaker proteins as long as I only use them about 2-3 times a month as a rinse out. But wheat is still never good for me! I hope you figure out what works for you soon! It's taken me almost a year to finally figure out what works for me the best.
3a, baby fine i/ii, low to normal porosity, protein sensitive
Mod CG since 5/12, from rainy Western WA
dislikes: glycerin, wheat protein
Likes: moisture, Mag Sulfate
Poo: Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
Cond: CJCR, DB pumpkin seed, TJ TTT, Elucence MB
Protein: one & only Argan oil hydrating mask
Style: UFD curly magic, Sweet Curls Elixers flax seed cream and HHG (Etsy)