Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I hope this is in the right place!

I have type 2B hair that I've horribly abused over the past few years without even realizing it. I used to straighten it often because I could never get it to look "pretty" (in my younger teenage opinion) and now I'm paying for it. My hair is broken and very prone to frizzing, despite me using various techniques to try and fight the frizzies and the poof. Currently I'm using Got 2B Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum, but I'm not sure if it's working well for my hair yet. I'm also attempting to transition from the crappy sulfate and silicone filled shampoos and conditioners I've been using most of my life to those that are less harmful and cause less build-up in my hair. The only problem? I'm not quite sure which ones would work best for my particular issue.

You see, my hair is medium-thick (I'd say), just past shoulder-length... and when I let it dry? The pretty, wet waves and curls I see in the mirror immediately begin to poof and frizz. I've tried blowing it dry before and that just makes it bigger. Much, much bigger! It's so frustrating because I know that I have beautiful, natural hair, it's just a matter of bringing out that natural beauty, and it has felt like a completely unrewarding uphill battle.

I just started wrapping my hair in a cotton shirt after showering, so I'll see if that makes any difference in the poofiness, but I'm at a loss when it comes to what other methods to use and what products. If anyone had any suggestions for my particular hair type, I would really really appreciate it. I want to be one of those girls with curls and waves that straight-haired girls envy! Not a frizz-head...

Thank you so much in advance!

(Note: As aforementioned, my hair is type 2B, medium-thick, and has a tendency to frizz and poof.)