I think self worth and self esteem have always been considered, especially in the philosophical realm prior to the psychological realm. But I think that in a modern, developed country, the average person has more leisure time in which to think about these things and introspect. As opposed to a peasant in the 1700s who would rationally be more concerned with growing or acquiring food, health, making clothing, keeping a shelter, etc. I think that there's been a lot more though on self-esteem because there's just more opportunities now to think about it. Also, with the spread of media and more recently the Internet, you have new ways to compare your life to others. In the past, you may have lived your whole life only knowing a small town of people. But today, if I want to, I can compare my body to an Italian model's in the time it takes me to open google and type "Italian model."


Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!