I just had a Keraspa treatment done last week. I purchased a coupon from dealfind for Minhee in Yaletown. My hair feels great, it does get oily fast but I think that is because it's wavy/straight. The entire process took 2 hours. I think the straightening part with the iron was done quicker than it should have been done. I came home and noticed at the base of my neck I still had some waves. It doesnt bother me too much because I can just blowdry my hair and fix a few sections quickly with a straightening iron.

I had done permanent straightening at home almost a year and a half ago and ruined my loose curls I ended up with sections of straight hair and sections of wavy hair. I paid ~$120 for my treatment. I'm not sure how long it will last I was told 3-4 months. The price I paid is worth it to much, but I dont know if I would pay anymore for that. Hope this helps!