Oooh, I can't wait to read more post on this thread! You American CG's are so lucky to have such a variety of CG products!

Ok, I just got a hair cut so today I am a very bouncy 3b, it sits just above my shoulder when curly. My hair is really really thick (in part because of PSC), low porosity, my biggest reoccurring problem with my hair right now is dry ends. This is my no fuss, soft curl combination:

Ends Sealant: Coconut oil + LI: Ultraorganics Henna Hair Wax (My HG this stuff is the bomb) + Vivant Revitafoam = Light soft curls that don't frizz

I occasionally do a blow wave for 3rd day hair:

A lot of Coconut oil on bottom layers + Ultraorganics Henna Hair Wax (Did I mention that I love this stuff?) + Batiste Dry Shampoo = Very sleek but not greasy hair (if only for one day)
Modified CG since 8/12
Hair: BSL, Thick, Low Porosity, Dense, 3A
HG's: Moogoo, Ultraorganics Intense Camomile Conditioner and Clear Henna Hair Wax, Sukin Conditioners, CO, Spray Bottle, Henna
Low-Poo: Moogoo Shampoo
Co-Wash: Sukin Nourishing Conditioner
LI: Sukin Moisture Restoring
Colour: Henna