First of all, let me say that I love the cabinet choice. I love the look of the wainscotting! And the counters are very lovely, too. The kitchen will look wonderful when the project is complete.

That said, I used to be a kitchen designer and one of the most difficult parts of the remodel for most clients was deciding on paint. Personally, I would add some color. Not a bright color, but I think since the counter and backsplash is neutral, if you add a neutral color to the walls, it will all sort of blend in, where as I would like the counters and backsplash to "pop." For an old world/tuscan feel, I would think a soft orangey/yellow. I'm thinking of that warm tile that you see throughout Tuscany... but brought down a few shades lighter.

I would go to a paint store and ask if you could borrow a sample ring. Most places will allow you to take it home for a few days. Also, most paint stores/hardware stores are now selling smaller portions of paint so that you can "try" different colors out without costing a fortune.

The Shewin Williams website is quite neat. You can check out different colors and "paint" rooms with it to see how they look. I like Anjou Pear. The hardest part of choosing a yellow color, though... is that you don't want it to look too green or too peach. You're probably thinking how a yellow can look green, but believe me, it can.

Also, I like the look of colored ceilings as long as the walls are painted a color and not a white. I sometimes think the starkness of a white ceiling can make a room "shrink" with a low ceiling, depending on the color of the walls.

Good luck!!!!
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