I loved the KBN gel until she changed the formula
Originally Posted by CocoT
Im not sure what exactly was the formula change when I looked into it except that she now infuses the herbs into the water before adding her other ingredients vs. adding the herbs as a separate step. She did add JBCO recently which makes the gel a tad more slippy IMO. I think that if she did anything, it may be a change in the carbomer bc the consistency of the gel has thickened up. The effectiveness for me hasnt changed though. I always use a LI with it, and it works best with creamier/buttery LI's. The crunch for me comes when I'm too liberal with it when the consistency was thinner. Now that it's not I dont have that issue.
Originally Posted by Naturalista
I haven't tried the most recent formula, but I was a KBN fan in her earlier days and the gel was just a tad bit thinner than the ones (the herbal gels) that came after that. They left my hair way crunchy and not as moisturized. She also changed the formula of the body butter and it wasn't as moisturizing and was more greasy/oily. Recently I see she's removed the honey which I can only imagine makes it even more different than the original .

I haven't tried her newest stuff and I'd really like too, but I can't get with the formula changes. Don't get me hooked on something and then change the formula.
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