... That said, I used to be a kitchen designer and one of the most difficult parts of the remodel for most clients was deciding on paint. Personally, I would add some color. Not a bright color, but I think since the counter and backsplash is neutral, if you add a neutral color to the walls, it will all sort of blend in, where as I would like the counters and backsplash to "pop." For an old world/tuscan feel, I would think a soft orangey/yellow. I'm thinking of that warm tile that you see throughout Tuscany... but brought down a few shades lighter.
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That's exactly what the guy at Behr said when I called last night! He suggested a warm yellow neutral or pastel to make the counters and backsplash pop too!

Can I hire you and fly you out to help me choose paint?!

I'll check out the serwin williams site now. I've been playing on Behr, and the colors look ok, but when you go to "paint the room" all the beige/neutrals turn green and I can't get a feel for the colors.

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