awww poor guy

The things that helped me when I was a kid was to have a stuffed animal, plenty of activities for in the hospital, esp before surgery (for distraction) and lots of pudding, pop cycles and jello afterwards. My personal favorite was jello pudding pops, but they don't sell those anymore. Sad, those were awesome when you were sick. And I got my choice for whatever my first meal was afterwards. Basically I got spoiled, rare in my family. I was too busy picking out coloring books and post-op treats to be scared. The fear didn't kick in until the last minute. Then the doctors would chat with me for a few before putting me under, and that helped too.

I'm not sure about your son's condition, but I felt better almost immediately. Even at a very young age I was able to put 2 and 2 together and that made it not bother me very much. Yeah it was scary and i had to get a lot of shots, but then I could keep up and play with the other kids.

Well, good luck, I hope everything goes well and he has a smooth recovery.

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