I have found that I love the SM shampoos, but the conditioners are just okay. I have tried a couple of them and don't find them to have much slip or leave me feeling really conditioned- there are many conditioners I like better.

My FAVE products from Shea Moisture are the BABY head to toe washes (used as body wash AND shampoo), the BABY body lotions, and the Yucca (green label) MILK! I use the milk as a leave-in and it is AWESOME.

The baby lines have the most amazing scents of all. The head to toe washes act like a clarifying shampoo, more than a conditioning shampoo, but there are no sulfates.

I do love the Yucca (green) shampoo too, and feel it is moisturizing enough and my hair doesn't feel stripped after I wash.
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I know you said you are not a fan of the Conditioners, but what about the Yucca Conditioner? How would you compare that to the to the restorative conditioner I tried?

Also have you tried the hair Masques?
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