My hair is medium-high porosity, medium-coarse texture, very very dense and probably a 2B curl-wise (used to be more in the 3s, which is what I'm trying to get back to, and I think the tangles may be what's holding me back!).

I'm not sure if it's the type of conditioner I'm using (Redkens Fresh Curls was my usual go-to, though I've tried Ouidad and a few others I forget now too), the oils I've tried (only tried coconut and macadamia oil so far), or what, but... Argh!
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We have similar hair traits and I understand your tangle woes! What are you using as a LI? I've found that the conditioner I use as a leave-in makes all the difference with my curls as far as the tangles and frizz!

I also agree with Firefox7275 about combing the ends first and then the roots. I started this method and saw an improvement with tangles.
Mostly 2c
Medium Width, Low Porosity (unsure), and Med-High Density
Frizz is a huge problem for me

Routine currently undergoing maintenance.
Low-Poo: PM Wild Ginger Awapuhi
CO/RO: SN Coconut
LI: GR Sleek & Shine
Mousse: HETT
Gel: HE Set Me Up
Pomade: BedHead Manipulator
DT: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Hair Likes: moisture, pineappling, scrunching
Hair Dislikes: raking product in, glycerin