I just wanted to run a poll of what people prefer as a holy grail protein free/light protein deep conditioner. I have spent close to a year looking for a staple/HG deep conditioner and it seems each time I think I have found it, something goes wrong. So far Redken's Smooth Down Butter Treat and Curl Junkie Deep Fix came close to holding that spot in my arsenal, but one was discontinued and the other became hard for me to use over time. The honey in Deep Fix began to glue my curls together causing difficulty during the detangling process. It makes me sad because I really loved them both. Right now I have been testing Matrix and Aveda and while they give my hair a slick manageable feeling they aren't exactly rich conditioners per se so they don't give my hair that gentle weighed down feeling I get from butters and oils. I was wondering should I just toss in the towel and start making my own doctored conditioner concoctions or if there were some options that may save me the trouble.

The lines I have been looking at intently are
Sweet Nature by Eddie,
Brown Butter Beauty,
Pura Body Naturals,
and Camille Rose Naturals.

There is just soooo muuuuch out there, getting a few opinions would be very helpful.
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I think there is already a thread on this. But anyhoo, I too have had trouble finding a good deep conditioner because I have highly porous hair. Nothing in the natural care lines work for me. So I have decided to go back to conditioners that have lots of conditioning agents in them and are not necessarily CG friendly, ie cones are ok. BTMS alone will not cut it for me. Now I have tried BBB babassu conditioner and it did work in the past but lately it has been a failure and I think that the pH of the conditioner is too high for me. I tested it and it was 6.5. I need the pH to be 3.5-5.5 and no higher. I suspect that she isn't pH testing her products anymore. As to BASK, high porosity ladies have said that her conditioners did nothing for them. I think it's the pH. I had no luck with Pura boday naturals, pH problem again. HTH