I having been getting the GK Hair treatment for resistant hair every four months (3 times/year) and I still highly recommend it. I have two girlfriends that were also natural but more "purists" than me that have also started using this product. We have each continued to experience the BEST HAIR WE HAVE EVER HAD! I am scheduled for a treatment in June and expect my hair to be at or near BSL for the first time in my adult life. My last relaxer was in the Fall of 2009 and all relaxed ends were chopped off in the Fall of 2010. I am also getting better at styling my natural hair in twists and knots to get a consistent curl pattern. I have learned that my hair has too many different textures to "wash and go" without the help of a banana clip. I continue to wear protective styles (mostly buns) and only flat iron my hair once a month. I also use MoroccanOil Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner along with the MorrocanOil treatment, exclusively. Every now and then I will use Miss Jessie's quick curls when I "wash and go" with the help of a banana clip. I find that product to still be a little to sticky or tacky for my taste, but I have not found anything better yet.

I hope this update helps others out there looking for solutions!