I have a soft spot for moms who complain about lack of sleep. I didn't know a damn thing about children, babies and it sure doesn't come naturally to me. Some people are better at figuring this stuff out than others.

I very much identify with the feeling of trying everything, finally figuring out something that works and sticking with it even though it isn't an optimal sleep solution for me. It was that little victory after many failures that was worth the compromise. And trying something new after a series of failures can seem like a really scary proposition when you have little support system to help you out when you want to do something different.

If it wasn't for my leap of faith (at least it felt like a leap of faith at the time - lol) I probably would still be co-sleeping with my 6&4yr old because hubby was very much ok with co-sleeping for a really long time and wasn't as interested in getting the boys in their own room.

The last thing mothers need is to be kicked when they are down and vulnerable for lack of sleep - whether or not it is of their own doing, ignorance, or not.