Latest curly complaint, and it's related to long hair. I've found as time goes on with CG it's like the better you treat your hair the tighter the curls get, resulting in more shrinkage. So it can be impossible to tell whether or not your hair is growing at the rate you want it to because it springs up. I started taking hair nail skin vitamins and I think they're working because I realized I have to shave my legs everyday now. Wasn't the case before. But with my hair it's harder to tell.
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This is so true, Dusa! I started CG 6 months ago and, when curly, it looks like I haven't gained any length at all! When I straighten it, on the other hand, I can see a significant amount of growth. I too am taking vitamins for growth and my nails and leg hair are driving me nuts. I know my head hair is loving the vitamins as well, but my shrinkage is crazy!!
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