I've tried quite a few.

HG Grails deep conditioner

Karen's body beautiful deep conditioner
Koils by nature deep conditioner
Oyin handmade honey hemp
Curl junkie curl rehab
Darcy's botanical pumpkin seed conditioner
Sometimes I like to mix oils and/or honey with regular conditioner
I don't buy Bask yam nectar often, however when I use it with regular conditioner
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Yeah I do have yet to try the Karen's Body Beautiful and quite a few people are a fan...I just might pick it up sometime.
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Hey, when you refer to KBB's deep conditioner, which one are you talking about? I don't remember one called specifically that.
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I assumed it was the luscious locks hair masque. That one is notorious on the hair boards as far as I know. The only reason I haven't picked it up yet is because I was concerned about overconditioning. Oh and it is expensive for the amount you receive.


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