Hi everyone,
Okay so now im worried. I have been reading online that the water in Dubai is very hard and some travellers and residents complain about hair loss, dry hair, damage and breakage. I also read that it can clog your follicles causing hair loss and the cessation of hair growth.

I am looking forwards to this vacation but I am seriously considering washing my hair with only bottled water (maybe even bottled in another country if i can find it) when I have to and wearing protective styles the entire time. I also found out that there is silica in the air which also causes dry, brittle hair.

I will need to co wash but I'm thinking I should wear my hair in a bun and only do so with bottled water when necessary. Maybe I can refresh my curls with bottled water and leave in conditioner?? This never works very well for me but I don't want to come back with damaged hair...

Any other suggestions?

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