Be careful of other ingredients in your tea tree spray, you may be better off adding some pure tea tree oil to water in a spray bottle and using it that way (shake well first each time). Also research tea tree shampoos. I am almost out of my Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo (I LOVE IT!!!) and am researching other brands right now-because the Paul Mitchell one contains sulfates, sadly. Tea tree shampoos cleanse very well and make your scalp nice and tingly. Sometimes styling aids will cause a smell too-I had one that started to smell like cake batter and irritate my scalp after a warm humid day, yuck-cake batter only smells good when you are making a cake. If all else fails or the smell comes back see a dermatologist-I was a cosmetologist and we sometimes had to refer a client to a dermatologist because sometimes the odor was from bacterial infection (your tea tree may be combating any bacterial infection-it is naturally antibacterial).