But anyway, yes, the message of Christ is one of unconditional love.
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I agree that is Christ's message, but that is not been my personal experience with the Christian church. I have been judged, ostracized, made to feel unwelcome and belittled by the church. I was brought up to believe we, the people of the church, do not act that way. So, for a long time, way into adulthood, I thought there was something wrong with me because it was clear that the church thought something was wrong with me. It took me a long time to realize that the church's treatment of me was a reflection on the church, not a reflection on me.

I believe that self-worth is our view of ourselves but it is viewed through lenses shaped by our culture. I believe it's always existed in social classes, castes, blood-lines, and vocations.
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Christ's love is seen as unconditional by many Christians... unless you're gay, and then kids will kill themselves because they've been rejected and made to feel worthless for coming out. So I can't really take that claim seriously, unfortunately.
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