I'm trying to find a new styling product because I'm almost out of CJ CQ and that hasn't enough hold for me and I think my hair is not too fond of the polyquats, so I'm looking for something new. I'm considering getting KCCC, and have done my research, but seeing that there are so many different experiences, I'd love to hear more specific stories.

What I'm most curious about:
- Does it provide some hold? 'Cause I could definitely use some.
- Does it help to define your curls?
- How do low porosity curlies feel about KCCC? Does it sit on top of your hair or does it do quite well?
- How about fine curlies? Does it way down or is it a rather light product?

By comparison, my hair hates oils and they weigh it down. My hair is okay with CJ CQ, but it has not enough hold and I get build-up from the polyquats. My hair hates CJ CCCL (which is too bad. I wanted to love it, but it just doesn't work for me).

I have to order it tomorrow because delivery takes a few weeks and I think CQ will last me only a few weeks.

I know it's difficult to really determine whether I will love or hate KCCC, but I think these questions (or rather, the answers) will definitely help to get an idea of how this stuff works.
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