Right, but "provocative" is in the eye of the beholder isn't it? To be "provocative", it has to be intended to provoke another person into a sexual reaction. What if that's not what they're doing and they just think it's a cool move?
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Provocative absolutely is in the eye of the beholder. As I stated, I was doing dances others would call provocative, nasty, dirty, etc in school. Some that were in fact simulated sex on the dance floor, and long before I ever actually did the act. It was just dance for me, and moves I saw on MTV that I thought were great, because I love dance. The main point is, in this case, the school is the beholder and they had previously and explicitly deemed this "provocative".
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And if my kid had been in that school, I would have had a huge issue with that. I'd like to know if any non-African-based dances get the "provocative" label and how the school gets to decide there is a moral interpretation of other peoples' cultural traditions.
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I guess the term "dirty dancing" covers a wide Patrick Swayze array of dances.

I could not put my hypothetical child in a school with those rules either, or sign on the dotted line acknowledging them. Dance is my favorite form of expression, period. It's how I let go and shake things off. But again, if you are going to do something that breaks several rules... Be ready (and be proud of it).

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