Maybe you have build up from the heat protectant you used? Silicones make my hair straighter and less defined, I had a few horrible lank weeks recently from an accidental silicone. That and mineral oil could be locking moisture out of your hair, you can clarify with cocoamidopropyl betaine you don't have to sulphate.

It's always a good idea to have a trim after damage is caused. Could also try a coconut oil deep treatment? Are you really using hairspray on top of little to no conditioner? Hairspray can be quite damaging.
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Originally Posted by Firefox7275
Hi Firefox, interesting link on the hairspray. Its funny because my hair never seems to care what I put in it, it seems healthy even on days when I use no product. And yes I use very little conditioner, my hair hates being in that seaweed state. It willbe soft but frizzy, so instead of piling on condish I just use leave in and that's it. I use about a nickel's worth. I find it so strange that my hair is rebelling against something because it NEVER does that. Even as far as trimming, I go every 6 months and my last trim was in Feb. i wasnt planning on going til June or July. Crazy, ungrateful hair!!!!!!!! I think its gonna get the sulphate because a coco b cleanser only made it "ok"

It could be any or all of the above. My hair HATES mineral and castor oils. Causes big issues for me--hair looks dry and greasy at the same time. Usually, when I use an ingredient my hair doesn't like, coco b just doesn't seem to remove it. I have to use something stronger.

I used to do a sulfate shampoo once a year--just because I thought it wasn't a bad idea. I stopped doing that, but had to do it about two months ago. I did a gelatine PT two weeks in a row and had used the SM Smoothie a few times (in the previous months.) My hair looked bad. Don't know if it was just TOO much. I have gelatine in my okra gel--1 envelope to 4 cups gel, rather then 1 envelope to 1/4-1/3 cup water. While I use really rich products, the SM Orange & Hibiscus products were just too heavy for me. I thought cleansing with soap bars removed it--but maybe not.

I get my hair cut every six weeks, so can't relate to that. I do think that a cleanse with a stronger surfactant is in order, a trim--and stay away from mineral oil. The cleanse can't hurt. A cut will shape, redo your layers and get rid of some damage (if you have it.)

Then, you can start working with products to help with the weather. Weather in most places is getting better. Dewpoints are becoming "ideal." If anything, you hair should be "growing," not drooping.
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Hi KathyM,
I think I will go ahead with the sulphate cleanse after all. I did try coco b cleanser yesterday but my hair just looks ok. What i would have called a good hair day before cg. Now I know better. And you are right my hair IS growing, maybe too fast for just twice a year trims. In between I always dust so I know there isnt too much damage but there is a definite lack of shape. I was aiming for hip length hair but now I'm not so sure... Now as far as dew points, mine were ideal a month ago... Now theyre regularly in the 70s and it rains all the friggen time. It only gets worse from here on. Miami is hell for curly hair. Im going to eliminate the MO and see if the curls bounce back. But see, I cant say MO didnt work because it actually did as far as reducing frizz. I dont have frizz but I also dont have curls. I have wavy hair tubes, perfectly clumped together. Maybe I am searching for an impossible compromise given the current weather... Well, I am off for my first sulphate 'poo in ages, PT and styling with no MO or hairspray. Then I will enjoy my frizzy hair day hahahahaha.
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